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Manufacture and Fit in 7 days!!

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We will price match or beat any official quote!

Competitive Prices

We will match or beat any official quotation*

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We deal with all UK Suppliers and carefully selected international suppliers ensuring we use only the highest quality of Stone.

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We can provide you with a same day quote over the phone or meet with you for a face to face quotation.

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Our workshop is ideally located in Middlesex which you are welcome to visit should you wish to have a face to face consultation to discuss the right product for you.

We hold on site a wide range of sample stones, including but not limited to, granite, marble and quartz which you can choose from.

Our experience in supplying, manufacturing and installing stone means that our professional advise will point you in the right direction for the look you are wanting to achieve, within the budget you have set.



Granite: An igneous rock which is durable, long lasting and solid in its form. It's luxurious and enduring elegance adds that touch of beauty to your home. The added benefit is that it is easy to clean and maintain. For more information on maintenance click here.


Marble: A attractive metamorphic rock created by extreme heat and pressure. If you are looking for a natural white rock then marble is your best option as it is the purest form of white you can find with elegant veins of blue or grey running through them. Marble is a resilient rock which maintains a low temperature. For information on maintenance click here.


Quartz: A composite stone. Quartz can be found in an extensive selection of colours to best help you match it with the look and feel of the rest of your home. Not only is it durable in its form but it is also a non porous stone meaning it is waterproof and easy to clean. For information on maintenance click here.